The Little Birdies

Know what I L O V E ? ? ?

The sound of singing birds before the sun even comes up.  In the trees just outside my window on early mornings – the song, o-so-pretty.  I get all squishy-happy and cartoon-princess-romantic about it.

Know what I hate?

The mama birds gossipping about me, swooping dangerously close to me in menacing fashion, and screaming at me from the fence when I am out gardening in the afternoon.

I make this backyard the haven you like, you crazy birds.  Simmer down and let me do my work!

5 thoughts on “The Little Birdies

  1. Hahhhaaa! I love the same things. The birds make a much better alarm clock. The trees oh so sweet and now I have water. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  2. Dan calls the birds that wake him up too early in the morning, “mad birds”. He envisions them screaming with frowned eyebrows.

  3. This is hilarious! Last night when you were feeling water on you…I was thinking that maybe it was the gossiping mamas spitting on you:)

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