Cooking for 100

It’s no different than cooking for 4.  Except that what takes 30 minutes for 4 might take an hour and a half for 100.  That is actually a pretty good ratio!

Mediterranean Pasta Salad for 100

4 1 lb. boxes rotini pasta, cooked al dente and then cooled  in a cold water bath (I do boil the pasta with sea salt and garlic powder to infuse more flavor) 4 x $1.18

2 1/2 bottles of Wishbone Italian Dressing (one I had opened was a Balsamic Italian)  2.5 x $1.88

4 cans black olives, drained and I cut mine into 3rds for better distribution and prettiness, but they can be left whole, too.  4 x $1.28

10-12 peppers, julienned:  2 green, the rest: red, orange and yellow.  YEAH for King Soopers having a fab sale on them this week.  $12

2 bunches of celery, chopped or thin-sliced  2 x $1.18

2 pints grape tomatoes cut on the diagonal (just for making it look more beautiful and so they are easier to eat) 2 x $2.48

1 container baby spinach leaves $2.98

2 8 oz. containers feta cheese crumbles  2 x $3.37 each

I tossed 1 bottle of the dressing on the cooled pasta to marinate it well and stored it in the fridge.  I tossed the second bottle with the cut veggies to really coat them (except for the spinach) and stored them in the fridge.  Just before serving, I tossed the pasta and veggies and spinach together with a little more dressing and sprinkled the feta over the top.  Added salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste.   $ Voila!

Pssst….Also made Swedish Meatballs for 100, popped some gourmet popcorn, threw in 9 dozen bakery cookies, a huge tray with fresh watermelon and 6 quarts of strawberries and fed 100 HF leaders for $132 and some cents.

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