The List

  1. Great two-night run show under our belt, CHECK!
  2. Pretty, sunny morning, CHECK!
  3. Sparkly snow-cover on the ground, CHECK!
  4. List of projects to do, places to go, shopping to accomplish before Christmas all lined up, CHECK!  CHECK!  And CHECK!
  5. Bronco Game early kick-off…may not happen, honey.  Sorry.  Christmas trumps Broncos.  It’s in our contract…CHECK it…  ;)

In other news…

Gemma had a school play this week, too.  She was fabulous, naturally!

049 056 060

Gavin had a band concert earlier in the week.




Oh, and did I mention we had a new grandbebe?   I did?  Well, anyway…


Time to get cracking on that list!

Wish me luck – Merry Christmas!

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