The LIGHT of the World for the Darkest Day of the Year, a Song

Today is the shortest day, the longest night of the year in this hemisphere.  Or at least the shortest amount of daylight.   Now it starts going the other direction.  I LOVE this!!!

So I have the PERFECT song for Advent from Matt Redman, Light of the World!

This is one of those songs I could sing all day.  If you turn it up loud, by the end you’ll feel like you have joined a Gospel choir (which I once got to be in and wish to do again someday!).161 From a Christmas show in 2011

Your birth was prophesied, for You are the Messiah who came and walked upon the earth.

Your glory we have seen, the One and only King and now You’re living in our hearts…

Light of the world, Light of the world, Light of the world, You shine upon us!

And yet You became flesh, living as one of us under the shadow of the cross, where through the blood You shed, You have made peace again ~ Peace for the world that God so loves!

Geez-louise, I HATE when Christians get all haughty like God no longer loves this world and its’ inhabitants.  That kind of ridiculousness negates the power of the blood Jesus shed and the righteousness He bought for us, while WE (yes, even us) were yet sinners.

It is Christmas, doggone it, people.  We need to be the proclaimers of that prophetic, bright-light, very-merry Word from the Book of Isaiah to people living in darkness and despair, to those who are losing hope:

“Arise, shine, for your Light has come and the glory of the LORD is risen upon YOU!”  (Is. 60.1)


Light of the World YOU SHINE UPON US!

NOTE:  The photos are from the Worship and the Word Christmas Show in 2011, Dave’s first directorial event.  Tonight is the final performance of Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  See

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