The good dad.

My kids totally lucked out. 

They have a good dad.  A great dad, actually.  He has always given his life for them.  He’d die for them.  But more importantly, he lives for them.  He loves them and prays his head off for them.  He blesses them with his words and by his actions.  He is energized by the house-full of them.  And his love for their children?  Has multiplied.

When he proposed to me, his first consideration seemed to be that he wanted me to “be the mother” of his children.  I realize more than ever, what an honor I was being offered.  Because this man?  Loves his kids.  He doesn’t coddle them and has never just wanted them “to be happy.” He has wanted so much more – they need to be living up to their full I-was-created-for-this potential.  That is love.

Happy Father’s Day, babe, and to Tristan, Dave & Rocky, too!

Pictured:  Dave with Rocky & Jovan; Dave & Tara;  Stephanie & Tristan;  Tredessa; Stormie

Dave got some play over at too

3 thoughts on “The good dad.

  1. Oh me oh my…the Phipps’ could NOT agree more! We actually talked about this very thing on the way home tonight. Dave, you are an AMAZING man and an AMAZING dad. You have taught us so much about honor and blessings and servanthood and prayer. I love seeing your words of encouragement and your blessings and your crites to the Lord written out and taped to the cabinet doors. THANK YOU for being such a Godly husband and father and THANK YOU for leaving that legacy with your family. The world could definitely use more of you. Love you so much!

  2. Dad,
    I agree with mom wholeheartedly! You have been a great dad. You have chosen us over so many other things. How many men do that? We definitely were blessed beyond words. I’m VERY grateful for you! You chose me when you didn’t have to and it still blows me away. God knew what was best for me; YOU!
    I love you and Happy Father’s Day!

  3. We do have a wonderful father! In a world where so many don’t, I feel especially blessed for that. You have been a shining example of the Lord and His relationship with us. Thank you for loving us and thank you for laying down your life for us:) I love you!

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