Love Letters from My Father

Dad and me.

Two birds in a tree.

Both driven and bossy {but vulnerable and deeply sincere},

Choleric, melancholoy, always right and no fear

(at least not that we’ll let you see,

we puff and get growleeeeeeeey —–)

I got the rougher part of him, but also the best.

And I’m looking forward to all the rest

Of time, and love and laughter and lots more years with my dad.


A few years ago I asked my dad to write me a book about himself.  Because it explains so much about me and helps me really see him for who he is and who he was meant to be and all he has accomplished and all he is still working hard to do.  And I knew parts of it were difficult for him to reveal and I knew it was a risk for him to share because I can be judgemental.  But my admiration for him runs so deep it hurts.  My love for him just keeps increasing, year after year, season after season.  As a little girl, I was always proud of him, proud to say he was my dad, and I was a little in awe of him and sometimes, really, kind of afraid of him.  He was, after all, quite strong and powerful.


Young married  (1957) to young pastor (1968)

What a surprise, when he wrote in the book he brought me, to find out he had fears that he’d worked hard to conquer.  I didn’t think he was afraid of anything.  How insightful to know there had been very hard times he’d lived through, things he’d never mentioned, that made my heart go out to the little boy I never knew.   And how expected and natural the stories of God’s faithfulness, because that is the life he’d lived since 15 years old, and that deep consecration and devotion to God, I knew full well.

I consider the letters and cards he sends me these days, the quick calls from his cell and the book he wrote, love letters.  From my dad to me.  Messages that tie our hearts together, tied in a ribbon of remembrance.  Treasure for a rainy day.

In my whole life, I have never wanted anyone else to be my dad.  He is the one God knew I needed and he will ever and always have my heart.

Happy Father’s Day, Papasan.

See ya in 5 days!

2 thoughts on “Love Letters from My Father

  1. I reminded your Dad Yesterday …(on “his” ) Day…..
    of the poem you wtote for him when you were four years old…..
    and I read it to some of the ladies after Church yesterday.
    They liked it. I can still “quote” it! Can you?

    I love my Daddy
    and I ‘want’ my Daddy~
    I go to “see” my Daddy
    He picks me up to “Love”

    I was sewing away one day when you came to me
    and you said, ” I wrote a poem Mom…
    you wanna hear it?” I dropped everything that day.
    I “definetly” wanted to hear it! It’s been written in
    my heart ever since! That’s quite extrodinary for a 4 year old to have a flow’
    to their poetry like that!
    Love ~~~Mom

  2. “Dad soooo enjoyed getting your sweet and touching Father’s Day Blog just now.
    I enjoyed it too.

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