The Easter Ball Hunt

Tsk.  Bad grandparents.

We had the kiddos over for the traditional Easter Ham Dinner on Sunday.  And we didn’t have any eggs to hide.

Now, all of them had attended Easter Egg Hunts Saturday and earlier Sunday and had collected more eggs than any of them needed.  We sorta thought their parents would bring the ones they had for hiding and hunting and they sort of thought we would have some…and well, poor bebes.

We had just bought a spring stash of big, colorful bouncy balls to see them through the warm days of spring and summer ’13.  Resourceful little boogers that they are, Gemma and Averi devised an Easter Ball Hunt for the other kids.  They tucked the giant spheres here and there among bare-branched shrubs and then called to everyone “Come and find them.”  How cute.


Back to this ham thing…

Isn’t it weird and odd that we Christians chose ham (aka pork, aka pig), to eat for the Resurrection Celebration feast?  I mean, true, we were set free from that dietary tradition long held by law-keepers when the New Covenant kicked in, but it doesn’t mean we should just throw caution to the wind, does it?  It seems sort of bold, like saying, “Hey – we don’t have to follow Jewish tradtion anymore, because Jesus (a Jew, btw), has set us free from that.  So keep your deliciously-spiced-and-herbed slow-roasted lamb!  We choose pig.”

I just don’t know.  This may be a case of our liberties being lawful but not necessarily expedient.

Oooohhhh…Who put their peep-stick back in the bunch?

peeps on sticks

It was Rocky, of course.  He made fun of me for asking that strange question so incredulously.

easter at

He is risen.  Risen indeed!

The Traditional Candy Bar crosses…in miniature

The Ladies Willing Worker Band at the Kokomo Church of God taught me to use full-size Three Muskateers Bars for making and selling candy crosses at Easter.  I made them for years.  But who really ever even eats Three Muskateers?  Anyway – I got the “snack size” and they make these very tiny versions.  It is hard to tell, but they are on 4 x 6″ photo paper for a serving tray.  That is how tiny they are.


I made 8 of everything just in case Baby Girl Rhoades came in time.  :(

a peek in the easter baskets
Being the amazing Nonna/Nonni I am, yes, there was candy, but mostly fun little toys (clothes for Kai) and salty snacks to counteract all the sweetness of the day. Stuffed animals, peel off nails and colorful hair and Guini got her whoopie cushion (she is so silly) and they all got their crosses, for heaven’s sake!
Lined up and waiting for seven sweet grandbebes on Easter.  Gavin (9.8); Hunter (8.5); Guinivere (7.75); Gemma May (5.83); Averi-J (5); Amelie Belle (3 on the dot) and Baby Kai (12 weeks).

Easter is THE day and I got to spend it with THE people I love so much!  How did you celebrate this year?  What are your traditions?

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