Sweet Dreams are Made of This

I woke up in bright sunshine having this dream:

I was excitedly telling my mom my seedlings had popped up overnight, that they were growing like crazy.  “Of course,” my mom was saying, “anything you plant grows, honey.”

“But come and look,”  I was waving her over to a table full of trays and each was filled with healthy green seedlings of all sorts, beans, and lettuce and cabbage and peppers and tomatoes.  I looked at them and was in awe, in love.  “But mom,” I was explaining, “I just planted these yesterday!”

And I knew my garden was going to be lush and verdant and full and fruitful.  I knew the garden was going to be so good this year.

Yes, I really dreamed that this morning.  I went to check on the seeds I planted** 2 days ago – just in case.  Nothing.  Yet.  No germinations to report at this point (of course), but it was a good dream anyway.


Just yesterday, moments ago, really, Dave and I had these five children.  And they have grown up and started having their own and the world is filled with these fruit-bearing, green, whole and holy human beings {our children and theirs}.  There are so many of them and the number grows.

Just yesterday {wasn’t it?}  Dave and I were in the hospital and he was keeping me relaxed, talking me through contractions, telling me I could do it and we were laughing and crying at the miracle of the moment.  Was’t it just yesterday?

No.   It couldn’t have been because yesterday, it was Rocky, our full-grown man-child, and his wife, our Jovanie, who were in the birthing room so peacefully and joyfully and exuberantly welcoming their third daughter into the world.

The sights, the sounds, the eternal rhythm of giving life, of transcendent birth…I can see them like they were yesterday for me.  And they were.  And I have planted seeds and they are popping up, strong, healthy and leafy green.  The garden is going to be so good this year.

Our 8th grandbebe, *Bailey Sophia*

She was a little late (as her poor mommy will attest), but so worth the wait! Sandy-brown hair (less than her sisters, but so pretty, nonetheless).  8 pounds, 12 ounces, 21″ long.  She is just. so. sweet.

She already has an amazing story.  There will be more pictures and posts about Bailey Sophia, you may be sure!

Just after her bath

**Already planted Bibb, Little Gem, Ruby Red and Gourmet Lettuce Blend, Chinese Cabbage, Broccoli Raab, Arrugula, and Kale, glorious kale!  :)

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