The dog goes summer


Is it a coincidence that what I empty from the vacuum cleaner is the exact same shade of my dog’s hair coloring and texture?  And does this mean that someday, when she is gone, I will rarely, ever have to vacuum again?

Sandy had not had a grooming for a veeeeeeery long time, due in part to her “starring” role in Annie in the spring, where looking like a raggamuffin was desirable.  But yikes!  She was simply out of control!

Wrex shaved her for me a few days ago, with the sheep shearers. 

Stormie thinks she looks sad, but I am not having to empty the vacuum cannister every 2 minutes.  I like! *clapping and cheering!

And, Wrex and Stef made THIS for me for Mother’s Day, this adorable basket.

Look closer.

No – look even closer!

That’s right: zip strips, or cable ties or whatever you prefer to call them.  About 300 of them!  Oh yes!  LOVING it!

Basket inspired by a MayDae post, check it!

MEANWHILE ~ Dave has been in Estes Park at the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference all week.



3 thoughts on “The dog goes summer

  1. I’m pretty dang jealous. I wanted to be at that writer’s conference so badly, but couldn’t afford it. I hope he has a great time there!

  2. Sandy is looking off into the distance, remembering her longer/more full hair…*memories….like the corners of my mind…*

  3. Cute post, but I’ve been meaning to ask – does Sandy NORMALLY wear shoes when she goes outside?

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