Monday April 26 – brother, Joe (age 49), has pacemaker updated/replaced/rebooted…whatever.

Monday May 3 – dad (who is as healthy as a horse at 71, or so we thought), has a heart attack and emergency surgery.  Two stints put in place and he is recovering nicely.

Saturday May 15 – early morning.  Brother Tim is airlifted to Missoula from Butte, MT (he just turned 47) having a heart attack.  Two stints have been put in place and he is recovering in ICU.

The Mayo Clinic’s 5 Tips for Keeping Your Heart Healthy (

1/  Don’t smoke or use tobacco products.

2/ Get active for 30-60 minutes every single day of the week.

3/ Eat well.  Cut the crap and put in the good.

4/ Get your weight under control.  Keep it there.

5/ Get regular health screenings, especially cholesteral and blood pressure.

Pray for my brother, Tim (the funny one), today, will you?  The kid is trim and fit as far as we all knew.  His and my dad’s heart attacks have been an absolutely unexpected “surprise”…in a bad way!


LEFT: Tim was 11, maybe, and I was 14 or 15; MIDDLE – “The Three Heart Guys”…Dad in his heavier days with Joe (who took 10 years getting all the way through college) and Tim; RIGHT: Tim and his wife, Julie, recently.

Guard your heart.

But before even getting the phone call this sunny/gorgeous/sweet morning, my heart was full/tender because people I love are going through things that hurt, because relational stuff takes effort and sometimes things just seem hard.  So, word to the wise: guard your heart, both the physical one and the one from which everything in your life and world flow…

Proverbs 4.23

“Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.”  AMP


“Above all else,  guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  NIV


3 thoughts on “Brokenhearted

  1. What a load on your shoulders! I’m glad your heart guys are all recovering. God bring them full health and quickly.

    I know what you mean about the heavy heart. It feels right now like everyone I love is losing their loved ones, facing serious illness, eviction, job loss, or legal proceedings. I’m so ready for those in my life to have seasons of rest and peace.

  2. Oh Father, bring healing to the hurting, the wounded, the sick, to all of your children in the midst of this horrible storm! All around it has been swirling, so out of control, and no safe place to turn to. But you, Oh Lord, you alone are our sanctuary.

    Help us, your children, help us to STOP! To find the quiet place, and be. Be with you, we are soooo in need of you right now. Please do not stop sending your help, your angels, your spirit, your counsel. Lord God, speak into the stress of our lives, and call it out for what it is Mighty One. It is NOT OKAY, it is not of you. Will we find peace, and rest again? Oh Lord, only in you is it possible. So let each of us tuck into your arms, so strong and so able to carry us through. Whisper the words we long to hear, that you will NEVER leave us nor forsake us, and God, that you aren’t done with us! May your healing power cover our brother Tim, his heart and mind and soul. Restore and revive him Lord. Give him a NEW vision and a new HOPE. Rise up an immeasureable amount of peace within Julie, give her the energy, health, focus and determination to be all that she needs to be inside of this season. Draw her into you, that she may be closer to her husband. In Jesus healing, precious name, amen.

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