The Chair

Chair history: Purchased for $2 at a garage sale in Nebraska, 1992.  I used tapestry to re-cover the seat at that time and it sat in the entry hall at our last house for years (the sunlight fading the tapestry).  It has had no use now for several years except extra seating for large family dinners.

But yesterday afternoon, I got out a can of orange paint I bought 5 years ago for $1 in the mis-mixed paints at Home Depot.  I also came across a couple of candle holders from the “Under the Tuscan Sun” days when my “altar” was covered in candles and crosses (and quite cozy and romantic).  Orange paint, people!

A change is coming.  Watch for it!


BTW:  My daughter Stephanie is the one who told me to take a “before” picture.  Otherwise, as you can see, I was tearing right in!  I am glad she told me that!

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6 thoughts on “The Chair

  1. Yes, yes I am brilliant – it’s true! Just kidding;o)

    The chair will look fantstic when it’s done! I’m sure this will not be the last coat of paint it receives from you, and maybe a hundred years from now, your great, great, grandchild will strip the paint and discover the beautiful orange underneath the many layers – history! ;o)

  2. How fun! Orange will be awesome. I am still stuck on the mimosa color thing ever since you mentioned it in your blog. I am using that color to paint the optometrist desk. Can’t wait.

    Taking a trip today to my favorite junk/antique place. It is in a little town called Bristol, about 40 min. from here. The town probably has 100 people in it but this antique shop owner bought three of their old warehouse type buildings and they are full of stuff. The salvage sisters would lose their minds here.

  3. Oh Robin – L U C K Y ! And I say that with the Napolean-Dynamite-gusto I can manage! FUN! I need a South Broadway trip in Denver, especially to Decade where Stormie and Stephanie keep promising to take me!

    I LOVE the brilliant yellow paired with crisp black and white!

    check out designspongeonline the before-and-after category. They recently showed abedroom get transformed to white, black and red, but it just as easily could have been mimosa-black-and-white!

  4. Sis…I think this blog would read better if you had George Straight’s song, “The Chair” playing in the background!!! Just a thought!

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