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My sister-in-law, Robin, is a pastor’s wife, mom of four and a real estate agent (I wrote about her recently).  She has always successfully put her homes together with more creativity and ingenuity than with piles of cash.  She loves cottage decorating and has a toile passion.  She commented on my recent “House Call” blog post about how she enjoys painting furniture these days and making chalkboards from cheap, ugly and old Salvation Army artwork.  She paints the frames and then just paints the picture part with chalkboard paint and has one in almost every room.  As per my call for your pictures (readers-that means YOU), she just sent me a few photos of things she is up to in her house these days.

See Robin’s home and current projects.


Here are a couple of Robin’s chalkboards from what were formerly old thrift-store framed art.  Also, check out Robin’s favorite curtains made from toile she purchased at WalMart and the three large windows she covered in curtains she made from $1-yard fabric from the same decorator’s paradise! (Do I see “Robin’s egg blue” on those walls?  Haha!  Your name just lends itself to these comments and phrases, Robin!)



Next project:  The wood piece above is an old optometrist’s cabinet that Robin plans to paint.  The French impressionist painting on the left below was a $2 find at the Salvation Army in Aberdeen, SD.  The classic English boy and girl prints also came from “Sally’s.”



Here are Robin’s empty frames, hung for the beauty they possess all by themselves. And an invitation to imagine what might be!

Thanks for sharing a glimpse through your Aberdeen, SD windows, Robin.  Now, dear readers, you send me your pictures.  Show me what makes your home really your home in snapshots of vignettes and rooms.  E-mail them to -or- the other email! :)

We are taking home tours!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  A new chalkboard in a cool frame (painted, naturally)!  The one I have actually was a chalkboard.  How very un-original!

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4 thoughts on “Robin’s Nest

  1. Yes…My Robin has always worked hard to make our home a place of warmth and inviting and she has done so on a relatively low budget. Our home has always bore the feeling of usefulness and charm- never cold, or untouchable, but ‘come on in- sit right down.’ The amazing thing is Robin gets this done in a constant up-hill battle…as I have resisted most of the changes she has wrought along the way (some for good reason- at least in my mind)but she presses on to provide us with a great dwelling place, while we remain. :)

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