The BEST way to Spread Christmas Cheer

As Buddy-the-Elf loves to tell us~

The {BEST} way to spread Christmas cheer is {SINGING loud} for all to hear.

Read this blog this morning on nine lessons you can learn watching the Will Ferrell movie, Elf (2003), already a Christmas classic for sure. {CLICK HERE} I most love the scene where Buddy hears that “Santa” will arrive at the store the next day.  He jumps up and down screaming

S a a a a a a a n n n t a a a a a a a a a !!!!”

Everyone thinks he is weird, but hardly able to contain his exuberance he explains,

“I know him!”

I want to be like that about Jesus, my Savior!  I want to be almost unable to contain my excitement because I KNOW HIM!!


Gemma showed up for pre-school this morning, and upon seeing the family-tree lit up waiting to be decorated, exclaimed, “Well I didn’t see that tree coming!”

Later while doing some school-work, she exclaimed, “Aw, nutcrackers!  I forgot my bookbag!”  **hahahahahhaha!!  THAT is some Christmas cheer, too!

This is ME singing Really loud-can you hear me??  HARK, the herald angels sing….**

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