Saturday Moon

The moon was brighter and more dazzling than the lights just a few feet from my face on the patio.  It outshone them all.

My camera couldn’t quite capture its’ glory, but I remember it “in my mind’s eye and it’s beautiful, Clark.”**  Full moon in December.

Can you see it?  HINT-kinda right smack dab in the center.  Not a large sphere, but a radiant one! {Candi saw it before I added the hint.  Yay, Candi!}

**Christmas Vacation

2 thoughts on “Saturday Moon

  1. Awesome pic! And it WAS a gorgeous moon! I love that God is so creative that He gives us a moon that is full and orange, and stunning, and takes up the whole horizon before it rises and looks small, just because of the curvature of the earth and the way light travels through the atmosphere. He thought of everything.

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