The Best of Badfinger

I know you will find this hard to believe, but I didn’t really know what this band’s name meant when I was a kid.  I thought some one had a “bad finger,” as in a bum digit.  Hahaha.  Yes.  I have to laugh at myself.  Innocent little preacher’s daughter.

They had some great early 70s stuff.  As Guini would say, “That’s just some rock. and. roll!”

These are the ones I really liked waaaaaaaaaaaay back when.

Baby Blue 1972

They have actually disabled the embeddable version of this, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go listen to it via this link, because it is my FAVORITE one!

Day after Day 1971

This song was produced by George Harrison (apparently the Beatles were the first to sign and mentor Badfinger) and Todd Rundgren, who, by the way, sings one of my for-all-times favorites, “Hello, It’s Me.”  AND he was in the American Idol audience this past week, yes, he was!

No Matter What

Without You

Harry Nillson covered this and it went to #1.  Then everybody else in the world, including Mariah Carey and Celine Dion did, too.  It is a great song and Badfinger wrote and performed it first.  Then they were tragic.  Their main talent killed himself in the 70s and a few years later, in the early 80s, the band member who had founf him did the same.  Tragic.  Talented.  Sad.

Then there is just the love of the music they made that a dumb little girl, 12 or 14 – and now old enough to really understand, loves still, for the innocence it reflects in her heart.

BONUS, baby!  Here is some Todd.  Hello, It’s Me!

5 thoughts on “The Best of Badfinger

  1. Jeanie you are starting to tell your age her girl! The same for me I guess! It has really been awhile since I have heard these old songs. I was never a Bad Finger fan really but they sure did have a few good ones. I think it was the same with most of the groups back then. It’s time, The life styles, the very product of the day! They were so different from groups singing today! To me todays music isn’t really music. Not for me any way! You have kind of hit a nerve here with me gal!
    If I had a dime for every hour I spent with my head into the music of my day I could buy a new car today! Here is a little known fact for you. I was one of the first in high school to wear a Beatles haircut to school. Yah! (Not the first but one of!)
    I guess thats why I have the hair line I have today! ((LOL)) I love you girl! Keep up the good work! -your old uncle- db –

    1. Uncle Donald: YOU introduced me to the Beatles! You were babysitting me when I was 4 (at 1310 York Street, just a couple house up from you) and you brought a little suitcase-style record player and played your Beatles 45s (with those little yellow, plastic center thingys) and I totally loved “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” You know my parents would not have approved!! Haha! It is like with Badfinger: I wasn’t actually allowed” to listen to them, but it kinda just seeped in. Then I forgot about them, but then, you just remember something they did and realize, “Wow, I love that song – it is MY era!” Yes, I realize it now. YOU started me on rock and roll. Tsk. Haha.

  2. LOVE Badfinger! Grew up listening to them, influenced by my big brothers. Still love to sit around and play guitars with my brothers and belt out their tunes. :-) Day After Day and Baby Blue are my favorites.

  3. Okay, until you mentioned it I thought the same thing about the band name Badfinger. I guess I still have some innocense. :) I work with kids too…

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