American Down and Feather: Fluffy Activists!


Stormie had the privilege of designing the insert for the new, luxurious pillow by American Down and Feather to benefit Love146, an organization set on ending child sex trafficking and providing restoration for those rescued.  We {heart} Eric Weiland and we {heart} his heart. 

Us and Eric and Heather Weiland, some of our all-time fav people), Sept. ’10

BTW-I have this pillow and it is…dreamy!  Amazing.  Soft, pillow-y, yet supportive and yes.  I guess I do love it.

2 thoughts on “American Down and Feather: Fluffy Activists!

  1. Jeanie-you bless me. I am so humbled & touched. Thank you for your kind words. Bless you. Bless you.

  2. LOVE this! Go team Weiland! What an inspiration you are to use what you have…right now…for His glory. Awesome awesome awesome.

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