The Average Family

“WalMart saves the average family $2800 a year, no matter where they shop.” 

THIS is what the narrator on a currently-running, family-oriented TV ad says.  In small print below you see the words, “Based on WalMart’s impact on the economy.”

I never have to shop there again.  I can shop at Target and WalMart will STILL save me $2800 a year.  This a magnificent development and joyful news to me. 

Or possibly WalMart thinking more highly of themselves than they should…very debatable marketing on their part, I am thinking?  Just wish I could live near a WalMart with great management.  It isn’t like I don’t try to shop there happily.  Dave and I have a collection of photos of ourselves in WalMarts from when we travel: Maui, Steamboat Springs, Puerto Rico, Springfield… I have been to some decent WalMart stores before, but most of them are managed so poorly.  I get so excited once a year or so when I get great customer service that I write a comment card then.  I am so used to being treated poorly or ignored by low-energy nincompoops and finding the store in utter chaos that a good-WalMart-experience shocks and delights me.  If it were any other establishment, I’d never even try again.  But some days you just really need cheap, and they are not in short supply of cheap.

What’s up, WalMart?

I  stood 10 feet away from Sam Walton once when he visited my local store.  He tipped his hat to me and nodded his head.  I miss the Sam-days.  Oh, yes, I do.  Satisfaction guaranteed?  I don’t think so.

Oh and – how much does an ABOVE-average family save? ;p

6 thoughts on “The Average Family

  1. I like Walmart and I do save money. Maybe I’ve been shopping there so long I haven’t noticed the bad service. Yesterday as I was leaving the store with a Christmas gift and the lady stoped me to check my receipt. she told me “you might want to return that and get a better one. I had that one and it doesn’t work well.” All I could think was, wow its not everyday someone tells you a produce is bad. I’d say she served me well. Im returning it soon. Better safe then sorry.

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