Shake your boot-ies

My mom turned me on to boots while I was yet a toddler.  I started loving them when I was 3 and they were Majorette boots, thank-you very much. {thank-YOU, mommiekins!}

These boots were made for marching

At barely 10, I got my white go-go boots, a  highly-treasured Christmas gift.

When I was twelve I thoroughly loved my black patent leather boots, which I wore with wide-collared dresses and hair long, parted down the middle.

I bought some dark blue platforms from Famous Footwear with babysitting money when I was 14.  I loved those boots.  They were simply Soul-Train-GROOVY!  And I love-love-love being tall!


These boots were made for strutting

There was the “Urban Cowboy” phase and yes, I had cowgirl boots like Debra Winger, and a suede leather vest or two…in deep purple and dusty blue.

The eighties were all about dressy-ness and high heels with textured and patterned pantyhose and tights and green suede ankle boots.


Speaking of the 80s, remember leg-warmers?  Yes.  O yes.  I actually did do this ~ fishnets*, white pumps and all.  Kinda boot-esque, huh?

Guess what!!??  I just got an email from Famous Footwear and they have boots on sale and they want me to stop in and try them on! Isn’t that thoughtful of them?  So sweet!

*I wore my first chartreuse-colored fishnets when I was 7…to church with a groovy paisley dress.  I know my whole life history is important to you!

google images…someone kept my boot record!

3 thoughts on “Shake your boot-ies

  1. Awww, I love them too. But I haven’t had a pair in so many years. Im thinking its time to get some. And I just got a $20 off coupon from Famous Footwear!

  2. How do you remember everything? I am jealous of your memory. Joe is the same way. Anyhoo….I just bought a pair of brown leather boots and I am so excited. Now I just need something to wear with them. :)

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