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The Heavens Declaring the Glory of God

40 Nights of Worship and Intercession at the HF grounds. 

Every night we pray to make the Name of Jesus glorious.  We declare His faithfulness.  Then the heavens start declaring His glory right back at us.  Then, we are in awe and praise Him even more.  And the colors get richer and deeper and more swirly and amazing and it just becomes a contest between man and the heavens to just try to tell God how wonderful, how amazing, how exalted He is.

These are untouched scenes from Tuesday night (4 days before), while the 88-Hour Tent was being raised*, taken from my spot on the veranda.  Beautiful musical worship and praise was being offered up led by Josh Holleran and a young adult small group from the Arvada Vineyard.  A youth group from Aurora joined us and a smattering of die-hard Jesus-lovers of all ages, as well.

The Tent-Heaven Fest goes up.  The skies are singing!

4-days-before-hf-062 4-days-before-hf-063

4-days-before-hf-068 4-days-before-hf-069


‘Tis true, the sky I was seeing was actually brighter than these photos can depict (hey, it is a digital camera), but it was a showy, vibrant, colorful sky that went on and on and danced brightly forever!

4-days-before-hf-082 4-days-before-hf-086

4-days-before-hf-092 4-days-before-hf-093

One of the most amazing parts of the whole experience is how we get to see not only the sunset itself, but the reflection it makes on the water: double blessing!

4-days-before-hf-101 4-days-before-hf-107


BTW-I always HATE “scenery” pictures.  I loathe seeing photo albums filled with people’s scenic drives in the mountains.  But last night?  I could not help myself!  Ha!  Mea culpa!

4-days-before-hf-111 4-days-before-hf-119

4-days-before-hf-120 4-days-before-hf-126 

Whew.  It was beautiful.  Even now, I am thanking God for meeting us there, for receiving our praise, for opening up the heavens to us to show us His love.


*The Tent – Heaven Fest:  88-straight hours of worship, intercession and reading of the Word  Wednesday August 5 at 4pm through Sunday August 9 at 8am.