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40 Nights of Worship and Intercession on Heaven Fest Grounds

Official announcement and invitation:


It started on July 7th.  And we will be meeting EVERY NIGHT at Northern Hills Church (location of Heaven Fest) for 2 hours of prayer and worship through August 15th.

 Most nights will be live worship with a band or artist. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU to come out at least once. When we did this last year, it was amazing! Every single night great things happened!!

July 7 – August 15

7-9 pm nightly at

Northern Hills Church

5061 E. 16oth Ave (highway 7, 3 miles east of I-25) in Brighton, CO  MAP


Now-here is why I think you should come~

I got to attend the very first night this past Tuesday and actually co-lead with my daughter, Tara.  And it was awesome!  About 20 people ended up attending, along with a few small children, and it was informal and sweet and there was scripture reading and praying for one another and grandmother types (me) and teen-agers (who read about it on Facebook and came. -I love this generation!) and we were all just one, happy family.

I know.  I know.  You are busy.  You had a long day at work, preceded by one and to be followed by many.  And I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep, but I attended a lot last year and this year started, at least, exacly the same: peace, joy, excitement about Heaven Fest and sunsets more beautiful than Maui (and I LOVE Maui)! 

Kick-off night had rays beaming in all directions in blazing hot pink and mimosa and orange.  We got a double dose as it reflected off the lake where the horses gazed while large birds sailed effortlessly overhead.  Little songbirds on the lightposts in the church parking lot answered our praises to heaven with their own.  Small children played and ran and laughed and also cried and tattled a little, but all kids should enjoy church so much! 

The sanctuary?  Outside, on the westside of the building, the veranda outside the Cafe.  The worship leader and/or staff member leading?  It varies.  The song?  Something to please the Lord and welcome Him here.  The purpose?  To worship Him and pray for our communities and this region and for Heaven Fest and for whatever God wants to do around here. 

If  I’d have been home, I may have missed the sweetness of the still waters, the glory of the Lord in the clouds, the green pastures of friendship with God’s like-hearted people.  I may have missed a glorious summer night and watched re-runs.

Un-plug.  Breathe in some air.  Worship the Lord.  And bring the fam.  You’re welcomed to help us welcome Him.

Not just trying to fill your hours, but to enrich them…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Summer of ’09, a return to the song of the joy of the Lord in my life…

THINK ABOUT IT:  Bring your small group each week for the next few!  Oh-and bug spray (they swarm suddenly just as the most raptuous moment of sunset is occurring)…hey it IS the country, sort of, after all!