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Real Houses, Real People

Stephanie Nielson of Arizona, or Nie Nie as she is known to her blog readers (and there are gazillions, it would seem!) had her home chosen as the #1 Home of the Year by Cookie Magazine (“All the Best for your Family”).  See the whole description from Cookie’s decorating blog and lots more pictures here.

I love that she is young and has 4 kids and wasn’t some big crafter-decorator, but let her growing family and the personalities of her children sort of nurture that side of her.  Check out these cool ideas from a real family!


Check out the living room: no curtains or shades!  She isn’t worrying herself to death with how to stylishly cover her windows and the light shines in – on purpose!  I love the redhead on the couch!  The silhouettes are actually photo cut-outs painted black.  She updates them for her whole family annually!  And the shelves are lined in glued-on Old Navy gift wrap (click on the thumbnails above for a better look).


OK – look at the crib.  No, look more closely.  See the “garland” draping it?  They are the shrunken sweaters her mother wore growing up in the 50s and which she and her sisters dressed their dolls as they grew up.  Now they adorn the crib and I think it is genius!  I had all these baby clothes from Dave’s beginning and a couple of mine and never quite knew what to do with them.  LOVE IT!  And a kitchen wall lined with photos of the babes?  Have ALWAYS dreamed of doing that and covering with those 4′ x 8′ sheets of acrylic you can get at any home store to protect.  Someday….Stormie seriously loves that stainless-steel table (on top of an old dining table??) and the red chairs.

Here are more pictures from her personal blog:




I see color.  So great!  I wish I’d have been as brave at her age!  But all of you youngsters out there: get nesting!  In color!


Or, if you prefer, some current “magazine-worthy” showhomes:


Be real.  Use your stuff.  It’s you!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Unpack and re-evaluate things I love, but are carefully stored away.  Can they be loved in broad daylight?

NOTE TO READERS:  Send me pictures of your home-sweet-home space that really, truly and honestly reflect you, the real you and let me share them!  jeanierhoades@yahoo.com