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Another Song for Advent, A Peaceful Lullaby

Eight down, one to be born…

reindeer foot and handprints

The 8 grandbebes have had cold, wet paint squished through their fingers and toes for Nonna’s annual Christmas art exhibit.  And just in case she gets here on time (and oh, we hope she will since she is due to arrive in a mere 6 days, I have Evangeline’s “canvas” all ready to go.

I know Jesus wasn’t born on December 25.  But as we observe, we are marking the time as if He had been.  So Tredessa, my daughter, is in much the same place Mary would have been about now in her pregnancy.  The time is close and everthing about life begins to focus in on the coming glory.  So glad Tre will have a nice car for getting to the hospital instead of riding on a donkey for 4 days.  Although – that cannot hurt labor, can it?

And on that note, we have the iPhone docking station ready to go to the birthing room, where it will be playing the anointed, beautiful Hidden in My Heart Scripture Lullabies.  I cannot tell you how soothing and lovely this music is and how very peaceful the atmosphere becomes when it is playing.   The songs are beautifully arranged and while each stands alone, as an ongoing part of the whole: just so restful and faith-building!  Bonus: pure Word of God released into the air.  And His Word will accomplish everything it sets out to do.  Period.

So, this is perfect for now.  The week of desiring and longing and looking for the Peace only Jesus can give.  PLEASE take a few minutes and listen….

The Peace of God, Hidden in My Heart, Volume I

By the way, check out the Hidden in My Heart website and you can download a free song, or even send a free song.  I met the Stockers once (they are the writers/producers) and I gushed all over them because I love my 2 CDs so much.  They are a generous bunch, the people at Hidden in my Heart!  And Volume III was just released!  BUY!