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Love Hurts…like a stabbing wound, even

Rocky’s Adventure

Rocky went camping with his brother-in-law a few weeks ago (Jovan’s sister, Jessica’s husband, Matt).  After dark, by the light of the fire, he waxed romantic for Jovan, who was home with Averi.  So he started carving a stick to say, “I love Jovan.”  Thoughtful, yes?

However, as he was nearing its’ completion, just as he bore into the wood, which by now carried the sentiment, “I love Jova…” on the downward stroke of the “A,” he stabbed himself.  He stabbed himself really deeply.

Getting stabbed

There was blood, lots of blood.  Thankfully, he admitted what happened to Matt instead of hiding it pridefully, which he was tempted to do and they were able to take care of it until he could get back to safety and a hospital.  We can laugh about it now, but I saw the poor guy barely able to move the next day and it made me wince.

I think, though, for the sake of the romantic points it must surely have gotten him, it was probably worth it.

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The video is a song he put together for the church staff, who love teasing him about it,  about his stabbing adventure.  He’s just silly.  And sweet.  I love the kid (and his girls).

photos by Ellie, The Photo Card Chef; video by Tredessa

Rhoades2 “The Rockvans”

I am not sure if there is a baby in the world who has ever been photographed as much as Averi (except maybe Jon and Kate’s 8)?  Those cherub-cheeks just beg to be captured and her mommy loves to take pictures.  Apparently everyone does.

Platte Valley Medical Center knows a good looking family when they see it.

When Averi was born, the hospital staff arranged for a photo shoot of her with her mommy and daddy.  They have poster-sized black and whites of them in the hallways near and in the birthing wing there to this day.  They have also used the photos in the hospital’s community magazine, mailed to every household around.  This made Dave-the-Grandpa somewhat famous when he taught a computer class at the hospital a couple of weeks ago.  Everyone said, “Wow!  Those were your kids?  Your son looks just like you!”

Kaela Green.

When Averi turned one, Kaela Green offered to do a photo shoot at their home and got some cute shots of Rocky, Jovan and Averi.  Kaela, say my sources, is a mommy to young sons and a budding photographer.  She has a very tectural style (that is not technical terminology – I don’t actually talk in photog, but I just noticed the very interesting color and tactile-ness of the pics).  Very rich.  There was a slideshow of the whole thing on Flickr which looks like it isn’t there anymore, but  I just learned Kaela has a website, so maybe you can see Averi and the parents there, too.  http://kaelagreenphotography.blogspot.com/.  By Kaela:

kg33 kg15

 kg91 kg281

 Ellie Pickett.

Then just the other day, Ellie Pickett, who was having them over for dinner, asked if they’d come a half hour early so she could “practice” taking some pictures.  Jovan was worried because she’d been garage-saling all day, but she still looks fabulous.

dsc_0210med dsc_0179med

dsc_0241med dsc_0260med

dsc_0247med dsc_02582med

Ellie is a designer, musician, and artiste in almost every sense of the word.  I think these photographs are aewsome!  Ellie is running the art gallery for Heaven Fest.  She has her card/announcement design biz  (http://thephotocardchef.com/) and, I just found out, a photography site (http://lilacphotography.com/).

dsc_0309bwmed dsc_0164bw2med

House of Photos.

When Rocky and Jovan buy a house, they are going to need some major sky-high walls to hold all the photos of themselves – just the really super fantastic ones, I mean.  And there are a lot of them!

I think they are beautiful – the whole little family. 

I am the momma/nonna, what can I say?…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  How to choose the best of the prints for the hallway gallery?…Determine – soon.