Love Hurts…like a stabbing wound, even

Rocky’s Adventure

Rocky went camping with his brother-in-law a few weeks ago (Jovan’s sister, Jessica’s husband, Matt).  After dark, by the light of the fire, he waxed romantic for Jovan, who was home with Averi.  So he started carving a stick to say, “I love Jovan.”  Thoughtful, yes?

However, as he was nearing its’ completion, just as he bore into the wood, which by now carried the sentiment, “I love Jova…” on the downward stroke of the “A,” he stabbed himself.  He stabbed himself really deeply.

Getting stabbed

There was blood, lots of blood.  Thankfully, he admitted what happened to Matt instead of hiding it pridefully, which he was tempted to do and they were able to take care of it until he could get back to safety and a hospital.  We can laugh about it now, but I saw the poor guy barely able to move the next day and it made me wince.

I think, though, for the sake of the romantic points it must surely have gotten him, it was probably worth it.

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The video is a song he put together for the church staff, who love teasing him about it,  about his stabbing adventure.  He’s just silly.  And sweet.  I love the kid (and his girls).

photos by Ellie, The Photo Card Chef; video by Tredessa

3 thoughts on “Love Hurts…like a stabbing wound, even

  1. How that’s LOVE! He’s just too dang cute! He must have learned that from his daddy. Hope he’s feeling better. Did he get stitches, I couldn’t tell in the video?

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