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No Regrets, Bella Donna!

This is a collection of thoughts by my friend, a woman-of-a-certain-age, as she thinks about who she is now with all the years behind {with lots of paraphrasing}. And while we “somewhere-in-the-middle” types can be prone to regret, too easily looking at our failures rather than our victories and be very critical on ourselves, a godly woman’s life is to be revered. Over the course of time, we have done a lot of good in the world and it takes the wisdom of years before we seem to be able to actually say that! And be gentle with our own history.
My friend, Donna, a wife, a mom, and a Nonna, has had good times and hard, laughter and joy and deep sorrow. I collected some of her own thoughts (things she actually has a hard time saying about herself) and added my cheering-her-on words to affirm who she has become, thankful that I can feel the warmth of her life’s light from a thousand miles away.
Real woman, real thoughts. To my daughters and sisters in the faith – go ahead and write your story. Write the future the way you want it to play out. Write who you want to be by the time you’re Donna’s and my age (you know God has already placed dreams in your heart – say them out loud).  Declare His truth about you over yourself even if no one else does! It’s ok to break into a happy smile when you realize all the good things your Father in heaven believes about you!  Start now. Just think how awesome it’ll be by the time you get to this season! :) 
By the way, older woman in the church to the younger women in your life: cheer them on!
“Write the vision
And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come…” Hab. 2.3-4 NKJV
For Donna…who knows deep down ::
I am fearless. {perfectly love-full}
I pray better now. My first instinct is to pray over every situation.  {He hears}
I follow my heart more than I once did. I’ve learned to trust myself and not just accept what others tell me is best. {down with fear of man}
I believe in myself. {I in Him, Him in me}
I run.  I have always loved to run. {run to win}
I walk. I am not a couch potato. {keep in step with the Holy Spirit}
I’m a writer.  I faithfully jot my thoughts and dreams in my diaries, as soon as something wonderful strikes my fancy. {“This will be written for a generation to come…that people…may praise the LORD”}
I have learned to be my own best friend, instead of my own worst enemy. {I spent years being an incredible friend to others}
I am a loving wife.  It took me awhile to get that right, but as soon as I knew to do better, I did. {my husband’s heart can trust me fully now}
I trust my own heart.  Led by the Holy Spirit, I can easily discern the best things. {He guides, He teaches, I just know what to do}
I do art and crafts and embrace my colorful, winsome creativity. {oh so child-like, which very much pleases the Father}
I finish projects, not so they’re perfect, but for the joy and satisfaction. {and then I rest}
I am sure to surround myself with good counselors and friends to confide. {isolation is no bueno}
I have kept relationships with people across many miles and through many years, thankful for people who have crossed my path. {a rich tapestry}
My husband’s family is a treasure and I am honored to be a daughter to them, to have joined them by marriage. They are as close to me as my family by blood. {heritage by covenant} 
I am committed to being true to myself and to being the woman God created me to be. {in His image}
People are so interesting to me, I welcome their gifts and their stories and love to nurture their dreams and encourage them on their journey. I receive who they are so I never even have to worry how they feel about me. We develop mutual respect and admiration! {you are admired and beloved}
I am blessed to have God’s favor and approval on my life, on my husband and children and on the children’s children. {I crown my family with blessing}
I am so blessed…Any more would just be icing on the cake.  And hot cake is fine without the icing. {contentment}
Speaking of children… I would enjoy mine in every stage more, if I had it to do over.  I would guard against distractions.  I would talk right to them and listen to them more.  And I’d say ‘yes’ more!  And yell way less. But with the wisdom of age? I am a fantastic, loving, nurturing mom. And as a grandmother? Off the charts amazing! {a woman to be praised}
I dance.
I enjoy life.
I laugh more.
I play more and I work more.
I am tempted to look back with regret, but there is so much future ahead!
I have a mission! I want to infuse the generation with so much love they cannot fear, with confidence in who God created them to be. I want to tell them the stories of the faithfulness of God in our lives through all their years. I want to enCOURAGE my daughters and my grandchildren, pour my very faith and courage in to their lives! Where I am set free, my children will be set free! Woo-hoo! This shall be their heritage and their portion, all I receive from the LORD will be theirs, free for the enjoying! :)
I am an obedient daughter of the King of Kings. I KNOW His voice. I hear Him loud and clear.
 Wish I could have known to love who God created me to be earlier, to trust myself.   Wish I hadn’t been afraid to see myself through my Father’s eyes. But I know now and my days are blessed by His relentless love and pursuit.
I am me. I love fiercely and get my approval from God!
I LOVE the Lord.
I am going to write books about it – all He showers on me freely!
Because did I mention? It isn’t my day job {yet}, but it is my life’s call – I am a writer!
YES, you are, Donna-Bella! No regrets!
The woman to be admired and praised
    is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God.
Give her everything she deserves!
    Festoon her life with praises! Proverbs 31.30-31 Msg.
So much ahead. It is never too late to be the women God created us to be. Thank goodness!

“Be with the friends who are here”

Yes.  I saw it on Pinterest.**  So follow me already.

Social media.  Smart phones.  Pinterest…It’s so…social.  And smart.  But there are drawbacks…

But I ADORE Pinterest and am actually having fun “getting acquainted” with the styles and taste and heart of some young women I have sort of known.  And I get majorly inspired.   The young woman of today are crazy-amazing.  There is a creative-anointing on them for home-making and caring for their families that probably hasn’t been seen since King Lemuel’s mother explained the whole virtuous woman thing to him (Proverbs 31).  They are unashamedly putting their husbands and children first, cooking healthy, making the home beautiful and glowing with gorgeousness themselves (my own daughters are great examples of this), all the while running a business or three on the side.

If there is one small I thing I hope doesn’t happen (yet I see danger lurking)  is that in all the ways social media, texts, Tweets, email bells, and online surfing can fill up the days, I hope moms and their kids will still actually interact face to face and not just on Facebook.  I hope husbands and wives talk and make wild love more than they text.  I hope grandparents will get to hug their grandbebes more than they get to have Skype sessions with them.  I hope people will remember to unplug for no good reason, other than to be, just be, where they are and with the people they are with.

Penelope (1966) starring Natalie Wood

During a tedious wedding project, I watched a colorful, pretty-delightful-romp of a movie with Natalie Wood in the title role.  It had a tiny bit of slapstick-Greenwhich Village-Bohemian-1960s-artsy thing.  It had a banking executive and some high-society jewels and a yellow Givenchy suit to-die-for all based around Penelope, an engaging and intelligent, yet somewhat ditzy girl who pretty much enchanted every man in the movie.  “Picture a girl who walks with the rhythm of a lady tigerPicture a girl who talks with the sweetness of a honey bee…this is Penelope” the opening credits song explained.  And I actually grabbed a pencil to capture these words, which made me think of Facebook and all of the ways and options we can communicate with these days.

Penelope: I never open my mail. I usually stick it away in a drawer and then I actually forget about it or it gets lost.

Banker: Don’t you lose a lot of friends that way?

Penelope: Oh no. It’s just the opposite. You see, if you write me a letter and I answer it, then you have to answer mine. Then I answer your second letter and you have to write me a third in answer to my second. Then I have to write you a third and you have to send me a fourth. And pretty soon we’re so busy writing letters to each other, we haven’t had time to be friends.

[silence as these words hang in the air]

Penelope: Isn’t that true?

Banker concedes: Yes.

The first couple of minutes are the totally-groovy-1960s opening song.  Right about 5:29 you can catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Natalie in the yellow Givenchy suit. wearing a red wig.  Worth the look!

I am pondering.  Just want to make sure I am communicating correctly, in the most honest and advantageous way.  In the most friendly, truly friend-ly way possible.  With true friends.

**I do love me some Pinterest!  www.pinterest.com/jeanierhoades/