“Be with the friends who are here”

Yes.  I saw it on Pinterest.**  So follow me already.

Social media.  Smart phones.  Pinterest…It’s so…social.  And smart.  But there are drawbacks…

But I ADORE Pinterest and am actually having fun “getting acquainted” with the styles and taste and heart of some young women I have sort of known.  And I get majorly inspired.   The young woman of today are crazy-amazing.  There is a creative-anointing on them for home-making and caring for their families that probably hasn’t been seen since King Lemuel’s mother explained the whole virtuous woman thing to him (Proverbs 31).  They are unashamedly putting their husbands and children first, cooking healthy, making the home beautiful and glowing with gorgeousness themselves (my own daughters are great examples of this), all the while running a business or three on the side.

If there is one small I thing I hope doesn’t happen (yet I see danger lurking)  is that in all the ways social media, texts, Tweets, email bells, and online surfing can fill up the days, I hope moms and their kids will still actually interact face to face and not just on Facebook.  I hope husbands and wives talk and make wild love more than they text.  I hope grandparents will get to hug their grandbebes more than they get to have Skype sessions with them.  I hope people will remember to unplug for no good reason, other than to be, just be, where they are and with the people they are with.

Penelope (1966) starring Natalie Wood

During a tedious wedding project, I watched a colorful, pretty-delightful-romp of a movie with Natalie Wood in the title role.  It had a tiny bit of slapstick-Greenwhich Village-Bohemian-1960s-artsy thing.  It had a banking executive and some high-society jewels and a yellow Givenchy suit to-die-for all based around Penelope, an engaging and intelligent, yet somewhat ditzy girl who pretty much enchanted every man in the movie.  “Picture a girl who walks with the rhythm of a lady tigerPicture a girl who talks with the sweetness of a honey bee…this is Penelope” the opening credits song explained.  And I actually grabbed a pencil to capture these words, which made me think of Facebook and all of the ways and options we can communicate with these days.

Penelope: I never open my mail. I usually stick it away in a drawer and then I actually forget about it or it gets lost.

Banker: Don’t you lose a lot of friends that way?

Penelope: Oh no. It’s just the opposite. You see, if you write me a letter and I answer it, then you have to answer mine. Then I answer your second letter and you have to write me a third in answer to my second. Then I have to write you a third and you have to send me a fourth. And pretty soon we’re so busy writing letters to each other, we haven’t had time to be friends.

[silence as these words hang in the air]

Penelope: Isn’t that true?

Banker concedes: Yes.

The first couple of minutes are the totally-groovy-1960s opening song.  Right about 5:29 you can catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Natalie in the yellow Givenchy suit. wearing a red wig.  Worth the look!

I am pondering.  Just want to make sure I am communicating correctly, in the most honest and advantageous way.  In the most friendly, truly friend-ly way possible.  With true friends.

**I do love me some Pinterest!  www.pinterest.com/jeanierhoades/

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