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Pearl’s House of Many Colors – Home Tour


You’d hardly know from meeting Pearl of Denver, with her gentle spirit and quiet ways, that she is an adventurer with color and art and creativity.  She is always looking for the next  outlet for her artistic ability.  Her home is an ever-changing palette of color and fun, something she has passed to her two children.  Like Bryan said recently, “Beige has been forever banished from our home.”

In the photo above, you see the cannisters, on display atop Pearl’s kitchen cupboards, that her parents received as a wedding gift more than 44 yers ago.  Pearl’s mom was  going to get rid of them before Pearl and Bryan got married, but saved them for Pearl at her request.   They are beautiful and  treasured for the memories they invoke.

I love the pictured, beautifully painted, cupboard (below).  The smaller one on the right was there, but they picked up the wider cupboard at a garage sale.  Added trim, new hardware and a paint job making them look like a custom cabinet.  It works!  


In the living room, Pearl displays art projects by both her married daughter and herself.  Pearl’s latest piece of art is carved foam, done with relief technique.  You can read more about it here.  Pearl was noticing how different the colors look in digital photos from real life.  But I have seen both.  And she is brave and has created a fun home!


Pearl created  her son’s room to reflect his main interest:  music.  Steven, a high school-aged drummer, guitarist, composer  has a red red room with musical notes and records adorning the walls.  His drum wall has the coolest tree silhouette painting and there are flourishes in black painted throughout.



Click on the images for a better look.  And call Pearl if you’d like really cool images painted on your walls!  She is good, really, really good!

I love that Pearl surrounds herself with color and vivaciousness for living.  I love that her canvas is her home, for the love of her family!

How much do you think I am loving that orange hallway?…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: let the color-monster inside run free!…

I have worked with Pearl on church projects