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A List of Sounds I Love

  1. An old-fashioned phone ringing.
  2. Leaves on trees rustling in a soft breeze.
  3. The hush of a soft snowfall under a full moon.
  4. A steak sizzling on the grill.
  5. Church bells in the distance.
  6. A newborn’s tiny cry {baby Kai is deliciously sweet these days}.
  7. A crackling fire.
  8. Rolling thunder.
  9. Raindrops against a window.
  10. The sprinkler system popping up just before dawn on a summer day.
  11. The lawnmower at work two houses down.
  12. The crack of the bat on a ball {baseball season is around the corner}.
  13. A screen door opening and closing.
  14. The dishwasher running when I didn’t have to load it.  :)
  15. My parents singing songs that mean so much to them.
  16. Children at play {my grandbebes are infectious}.
  17. My kids as babies on an old cassette I treasure.  They were so little once upon a time.
  18. The birds chirping happily.
  19. A song I can sing along to.
  20. A swift mountain stream, water is wonderful.
  21. A greeting from anyone who loves me.  The sound of that love and gladness in the voice of my loves – is most wondrous.  That is a sound you can live in.

On another note:

Churchill is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight!  Everyone I know will be watching!  And they are a great sound, too!  If you haven’t heard “Change” yet {WHY HAVEN’T YOU???} you can hear it here.  http://churchilltheband.com/music/

UPDATE:  They were awesome!  Go Bethany!   A bonus video from the show “Ark in the Flood” or see them perform “Change” – both videos are there.  :)