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A List of Sounds I Love

  1. An old-fashioned phone ringing.
  2. Leaves on trees rustling in a soft breeze.
  3. The hush of a soft snowfall under a full moon.
  4. A steak sizzling on the grill.
  5. Church bells in the distance.
  6. A newborn’s tiny cry {baby Kai is deliciously sweet these days}.
  7. A crackling fire.
  8. Rolling thunder.
  9. Raindrops against a window.
  10. The sprinkler system popping up just before dawn on a summer day.
  11. The lawnmower at work two houses down.
  12. The crack of the bat on a ball {baseball season is around the corner}.
  13. A screen door opening and closing.
  14. The dishwasher running when I didn’t have to load it.  :)
  15. My parents singing songs that mean so much to them.
  16. Children at play {my grandbebes are infectious}.
  17. My kids as babies on an old cassette I treasure.  They were so little once upon a time.
  18. The birds chirping happily.
  19. A song I can sing along to.
  20. A swift mountain stream, water is wonderful.
  21. A greeting from anyone who loves me.  The sound of that love and gladness in the voice of my loves – is most wondrous.  That is a sound you can live in.

On another note:

Churchill is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight!  Everyone I know will be watching!  And they are a great sound, too!  If you haven’t heard “Change” yet {WHY HAVEN’T YOU???} you can hear it here.  http://churchilltheband.com/music/

UPDATE:  They were awesome!  Go Bethany!   A bonus video from the show “Ark in the Flood” or see them perform “Change” – both videos are there.  :)


Song for a Christmas Sunday

TWO songs, actually ~

Well the Worship and the Word Movement & Friends Christmas Concert was a rousing success! 

Incredible music:  Dave & Tara Powers, Rocky Rhoades, Dan Wakefield with Todd Herbic (drums) and Stormie Rhoades (bass).  They were joined by special guests Lewis and Ramona Brown who brought the house down, Dave Beegle the world-class-guitarist, and our good friend, Mary Ellsworth, plus Churchill played!  Churchill!  And DJ Life (of Transform DJs, aka Luke Bodley of Heaven Fest) brought a lot of Christmas joy by spinning  some high energy traditional-gone-techno stuff.  My friend Heather’s sweet little girl was heard to say “I danced my butt off,” which means she had great fun, I believe.  Then Ellie Pickett brought it on O Holy Night!  When Dave started harmonizing with her toward the end, wow!  Actually, I mean W O W!!

I think (partially judging by the mad rush for desserts and sweets provided by sweet-Patrice of Patrice’s Pantry), we had about 600 or so in attendance.  It was fun, it was touching and it was filled great joy and good fellowship.  It was a great night for families and friends, for kids from 1 to 92.  Just a good show and sweet worship, too.

Here is a look back at the the very end of the night when the “band-of-brothers” Dave, Dan and Rocky closed the evening.  My husband, I am certain, will be posting more of the great music from the night on his youtube channel. 

Finale to the WWM & Friends Christmas Concert:




Oh, AND, we collected over 2200 pairs of socks for the homeless!  YEAH!

Then Rocky at church on this fine {warm and sunny} Sunday morning before Christmas, O Come Emmanuel:


Christmas is for singing, just like the angels did!