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Ga-Ga for Gokey!

In no particular order…

Allison Iraheta is an amazing rocker!

Kris Allen is a cool kid with less-obvious genius.

Matt Giraud is the new “Piano Man” for sure!  Hip, talented – the judges save was the right thing to do. 

Adam “Ant” Lambert is always entertaining and thoroughly-likeable.  I think he could very well win this competition just because he is such a great performer.

O, Danny boy…

But the boy who reaches my heart and makes me love one song I never-ever-ever thought I’d love (“Jesus Take the Wheel”) and made me fall in love all over again with a song from the summer Dave and I had our first date and married – 1981 (“Endless Love”) : DANNY GOKEY!


Next week, two contestants have to be cut.  Anoop can go home already and Lil deserves a great career, but just isn’t hitting the mark these days.  Bye-bye.

But I am so hoping Danny Gokey makes it at least to the top two.  And if I were an American-Idol voter, I’d vote for Danny Gokey and his 27 pairs of glasses!

Go, Danny Gokey, go!…Jeanie


NOTE TO SELF:  The week Danny did “Jesus Take the Wheel” Carrie Underwood was on as a guest artist/returning winner.  I am recording the fact that I am calling it: a Danny-Carrie relationship…after he has sufficiently mourned his late wife , that is.  Cute, no?

btw-according to news reports, Danny is legally blind so his specs aren’t just for looking cute, and he only has 18 pairs…