Ga-Ga for Gokey!

In no particular order…

Allison Iraheta is an amazing rocker!

Kris Allen is a cool kid with less-obvious genius.

Matt Giraud is the new “Piano Man” for sure!  Hip, talented – the judges save was the right thing to do. 

Adam “Ant” Lambert is always entertaining and thoroughly-likeable.  I think he could very well win this competition just because he is such a great performer.

O, Danny boy…

But the boy who reaches my heart and makes me love one song I never-ever-ever thought I’d love (“Jesus Take the Wheel”) and made me fall in love all over again with a song from the summer Dave and I had our first date and married – 1981 (“Endless Love”) : DANNY GOKEY!


Next week, two contestants have to be cut.  Anoop can go home already and Lil deserves a great career, but just isn’t hitting the mark these days.  Bye-bye.

But I am so hoping Danny Gokey makes it at least to the top two.  And if I were an American-Idol voter, I’d vote for Danny Gokey and his 27 pairs of glasses!

Go, Danny Gokey, go!…Jeanie


NOTE TO SELF:  The week Danny did “Jesus Take the Wheel” Carrie Underwood was on as a guest artist/returning winner.  I am recording the fact that I am calling it: a Danny-Carrie relationship…after he has sufficiently mourned his late wife , that is.  Cute, no?

btw-according to news reports, Danny is legally blind so his specs aren’t just for looking cute, and he only has 18 pairs…

3 thoughts on “Ga-Ga for Gokey!

  1. Yes, I LOVE Danny Gokey!! And I feel the opposite for Adam, as you well know:) Seriously…if Adam wins over Danny, I will not be watching American Idol anymore. Honestly.

  2. Yes, Dan’s the man! I’ve loved him from the very start. I’m with Stormie on this one. It’s funny cause I said the same thing to Bry. I even told him I just might have to make that call and vote to help Danny wins over Adam. I wouldn’t be sad to see Adam go home or Alisson for that matter. She just seems a little arrogent. She flashes that half smile like all 16 year old girls do, as if to say the judges dont know what they’re talking about. Steven even told me “ya, he see’s that smile a lot at school.”(Just my opinion)And now the judges can’t save either one of them now. Glad they used the save on Matt!

  3. APRIL 23 – UPDATE: I would just like to gloat and point out that I called it, baby! Anoop and Lil went H O M E! ! !

    Next will be Matt and Allison – though they are both great! She is hugely talented, but can’t get the necessary 12-13-year old girl vote as long as there are cute boys in the competition.

    The top five are the right ones. They should be the top five.

    The top three will be Adam, Danny and Kris.

    I still suspect Adam will win, but Danny should! Still ga-ga for Gokey!

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