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Keith and Hill in Hobart


I recently stumbled across these internet images from Hillary’s campaign stop  a few months ago  in Hobart, IN (a Chicago-area community where my brother, Dan and his wife, Dawn still live with their family and attend the church my dad pastored for 18 years).  

This is Hillary Clinton with Hobart Mayor, Keith Snedecor  (Brian Keith Snedecor, now, I guess) an old church pal from the late 1970’s.   He still attends my   “home church,” and was just one of the nicest people ever (which he surely got from his very sweet parents).

Keith  is proof that you can be a Democrat and still be a Christian impacting the world for Jesus Christ, for those of you who have doubted this.  

I remain unaffiliated, however (does this surprise you?), and hope I, too, can impact the world for Jesus Christ…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Vote.   Pray first.