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Help get ALTAR Published!

UPDATE, 11-13-09:  The voting process has turned out to be slightly complicated, so Dave created a PDF with step-by-step instructions and pictures!  Hope this helps!



Dave is one of 40 authors whose fiction book submission was accepted for a publishing promotional blitz by Marcher Lord Press (“The Premier Publisher of Christian Speculative Fiction”).  By vote of fans and the general public, one of the 40 manuscripts will be selected and published in the spring.

altar.jpg author

Your vote could be the one!  It is a 3-month process that involves just a few, simple steps (and a very small amount of your time reading each month).  Each “registered voter” can only vote once each round, but there will voting in November, December, and finally January.  Don’t quote me on these details, but I think the November voting will decide the top 10 entries, the December voting will decide the top 5 and then the January voting will determine the actual winning manuscript.

My humble request:

Become a registered voter and help Dave win!  The publishing company will not be spamming you or selling your information.  We won’t personally know if and when you registered and voted.  It is private.  But we’d be ever-so-grateful if you’d do this!

HELP!  Here is how:

PRE-REGISTER to become a certified book-choosing voter!

They will email you to make sure you are legitimate and not just our family voting for Dave a gazillion times.   ALTAR is entry # 27.  This month you’ll get to read a blurb and a synopsis of the story, which is really good, by the way.

First-round VOTING IS NOVEMBER 13, 14, 15!

Once you’re registered, you can go back in and vote on any one of these three days in November.  And I believe Marcher Lord Press will notify you in December and January of voting dates.  At any rate, I am certain I will mention it again.  Because I KNOW you are going to help me help Dave win!  Tell your friends and family and everybody you know to VOTE!  I don’t even read fiction and I am going to VOTE!  It really is a cool story.  I promise.  (NOTE:  You must vote for 3 submissions or your vote will be disqualified…be random if you don’t want to read them all…is it cheating to say that??)

Help Dave make it to the next round!  Come on!