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Don’t ask.  Really.  You shouldn’t.  OK, then.  Fine.  I’ll tell you.

It has just been one of those [fill in the blank] kind of days, you know???  First [fill in the blank] happened.  And that was on top of [fill in the blank] which just exacerbated [fill in the blank], if you know what I mean.

Then [fill in the blank] didn’t cooperate with me.

Then [fill in the blank] let me down.

Then, I started feeling [fill in the blank] for myself.

Oh, but, there was more [fill in the blank] than you can believe.  Oh yes.  My computer [fill in the blank].  AND I had a [fill in the blank] blog problem.  Like who needs all this [fill in the blank]?!?

Plus, I, alone, was responsible for [fill in the blank] and [fill in the blank] AND [fill in the blank]!  I mean, what the [fill in the blank]?

Do I look like I have [fill in the blank] written on my forehead?

It would be better for everyone if they didn’t mention [fill in the blank]ing hormonal [fill in the blank].  Really.  Much safer!

So, anyway, I am stuck [fill in the blank]ing and I will continue to [fill in the blank], but I won’t be [fill in the blank].

So, just excuse me for [fill(ing) in the blank]!

Some things are better left unsaid…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  I feel better already-just leaving some things blank.

NOTE TO FRIENDS:  All prayer greatly appreciated.

P.S. A few weeks ago we were all laughing at the 30+-year-old “Jesus is My Friend” contemporary Christian video, thinking we are so much cooler these days.  David Crowder has a bit of fun with it and thus:

The Smile of the day comes from Joel-the-bass-player’s blog:  http://joelfrederick.blogspot.com/2008/10/jesus-is-my-friend.html