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A Magical Day, part four

The Ceremony

Rocky, Dave and Tristan (the brothers) provided some pretty cool music and worship before the procession.

Before the walk down the aisle, the girls gathered  to pray for the bride and Ryan’s guys prayed with him.

One of the things we love about Ryan is his easy laugh.  He crinkles his whole face and just totally laughs.

When everything got started, {the brothers} kicked off the wedding, which was wonderful.  DP told some marriage jokes and Rocky told how he’d always wanted brothers and now he has 3, and Tristan said “ditto” to some one else’s blessing (he is a man of few words) and then they “threatened” Ryan (playfully, of course), followed by praying over Ryan.  It was a wedding with great entertainment and family love, too!



The Procession & ceremony in one minute:



Dave officiated. And he was super hilarious.  Tredessa and Ryan were so happy and lighthearted.

Instead of having the attendants lined up on either side, we seated them casually on either side, mixing up Ryan’s guys with Dessa’s gals and splitting the kiddies up.  It looked pretty cute.

They wrote beautiful vows to each other.I’m not saying Tredessa is like her mother or anything, but her words probably outnumbered his 2:1…but they both said beautiful things, promising not to divorce and to love carefully.  Lovely.

The whole ceremony was joyous.

The kiss.  Although this may have been the second or third kiss.  Then there was hugging.

They are married!!

Tredessa and her sisters

Tredessa’s Grandma and Grandpa Moslander surprised her on her wedding day.

Time to go celebrate their marriage with family.

Photos:  Chronos Images (Matthew Greenlee and Rachel Ruge)  and Lilac Photography (Eldeen Pickett)