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While I was in Missouri, Stormie-the-baby was in a serious, car-totaling accident.  Yes-her beloved Toyota Camry (which was getting about 38 miles per gallon in the city!!) got majorly crunched when she t-boned some crazy driver who decided to shoot out of a parking lot on a whim. 

Because there was very little reaction time, she really didn’t experience a lot of the stress pain you get when you anticipate a crash.  Her air-bag deployed and protected her well.  She is, however, left with a badly sprained left ankle and the bottom of her foot is still swelling from the bruising, as it basically took the full impact of the wreck as she pressed in on the clutch at the moment of impact.  She is on crutches and in a wheelchair and takes f o r e v e r to get anywhere!  It is pretty painful and purple.


We are blessed because they have accepted full liability so she should get paid for the work days she missed and the medical bills are being covered.  She is driving a gorgeous blue Mustang rental presently, but will need a replacement here in the next few days.  Help us pray she gets a good and safe car with extra good mileage (she drives across the planet to work daily)!

I truly believe she is recuperating extremely well under her mother’s loving care. 

Thank-You for keeping our baby safe in a crazy world, Lord! …Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Get Stormie’s laundry done. :)

pictured: the crunched car, Stormie’s pretty little seatbelt burn (glad she was wearing one!), and her bruised-up arm.