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1000!  One…THOUSAND!

My blog is almost 4 years old.  This is the 1000th post.  But there are over 30 posts in my drafts folder waiting…just…waiting.

I started blogging 1409 days ago (11.29.06) a.k.a. three years, ten months and nine days ago.

Graphomaniacal.  In a word.  And if I could always sum things up in one word, there would not be this blog…with 1000 posts.

Oh, and as it happens, today is the one-year anniversary of the day I turned 50.  Or as some negative-Nellies like to call it: turning 51.  Sigh….

Aka – 18,628 days old.

Tre took the photo of me,  Stormie added me to the Sesame Street gang.  Some one else had posted the original pic and “1000” sentiment and I swiped it from Google-images.  Makes me happy. ;p

The most recent change to the blog is a new HOME MOVIES page.