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Music on a Monday // Bill Withers Mellow

Is it crazy to say that, especially after watching this documentary called Still Bill on Netflix 2 years ago, I wish to remove all my living room furniture (which creates a beautiful reverb with the high ceilings) and put a grand piano there (and a really good guitar nearby) and have Bill Withers come and play and sing while I just sit in the corner and cry like a baby?

Yes, I am aware that was all one sentence.

Sorry.  Take a breath.

bill withers

Bill Withers quote from the movie (on working towards your dream):

“It’s ok to head out for wonderful, but on your way to wonderful, you’re gonna have to pass through alright.”

I started liking him way back in the early 70s when I just heard his songs on the radio, like, “Ain’t No Sunshine,  and “Lean on me.”  But I didn’t really know what he was about.

But now, I get his music and what a rare talent he is and there is nothing like his simple, but deeply soulful music for the melancholy side of me.  The man writes love like my heart feels it.  His voice just sort of fills the room while his poetry pours out slow like honey, but much sweeter.

I love him.

My Bill Withers Spotify Playlist.

Hello Like Before

Whatever Happens

I wish he’d tour again.  Oh my goodness – I’d go!

bill withers mixed tape

The big hits are, there, too.  But “Family Table” makes me think of my parents and supper at 5 every night during the 60s and 70s.  And the first songs, like, “Hello Like Before, ” “Whatever Happens.” “Memories are That Way,” and “You Just Can’t Smile it Away,” well, I can get lost there.  I sorta made you a mixed tape, Spotify-Style.  :)  These are the mellow ones.  Bill.