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Think {mid-century} pink!

There may not be a greater example of mid-century modern, artistic, mouth-watering, pristine, high-fashion, silly-but-endearing, picturesque, old-fashioned and up-to-date in one fell swoop movie ever…

If there is, it is not coming to mind presently.  Because:

Think Pink?  Oh, yes, please!

Banish the black, burn the blue, and bury the beige

From now on girls

Think Pink!

It is on Netflix right now, “Funny Face” (1957) starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.  Costumes by Edith Head and Audrey’s Paris wardrobe by Givenchy.  The Gershwin Brother’s fab music…It’s o-so-adorable and just plain good-for-the-brain beauty and charm, wit and glamour.  There are singing and dancing, and dresses divine. Cinematography?  Marvelous!  Sets?  Stimluating!  Charm?  Galore!

Suspend disbelief and the fact that Fred is way too old to be with Audrey and all kinds of other weaknesses in plot and script and just enjoy the fantasy and delightful frolics this film entices you to enjoy.  You MUST just grab some chocolate and sit yourself down for a sense-captivating romp through 1957.  This minute!  REALLY!!!