Whenever I write a comment on some one else's blog, I always hesitate before clicking the "submit" button.  I don't really like that button.  I don't really like submitting.  So in that moment, I always wonder, "Is this comment worth me having to 'submit'?"

5 thoughts on “Submit

  1. I think it's great that you submit comments. It validates the entry, letting the writer know that you stopped by, and you read what they took the time to write, and that you had a thought about it. Keep hitting the submit button!

  2. To submit means to yeild, to present, to refer for judgement or consideration.  It was so much easier submitting when I learned what submitting was.  It isn't 'giving in' it is 'handing it over to someone else for consideration'.  So go ahead and submit! It is a strength that I once thought was a weakness.

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