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My daughter Stephanie sent this to me when I complained about not getting enough comments from my kids.  I thought it was hilarious and the suggestion about posting notes on the fridge as an alternative sometimes seems a valid alternative.

Why do we blog anyway?  We want to be heard.  We have a voice, things to say.  But sometimes you wonder – is it honest enough?  Is it too much transparency?  Is it valid or timely?  Is anyone blessed?  One thing that probably helps me keep going is that I am totally "blind," in that I don't even know how to check my stats (other than the ones Technorati shoves in my face which tell me that 1.2 million people are more popular as bloggers than me).  I have no idea how many people have stopped by or lurked or whatever?  I only know some one has read it if they leave a comment – or e-mail me on the side and mention something I wrote.  According to those statistics, I have about 7.3 readers.  Keeps me humble.


NOTE TO SELF:   Be honest.  Be true.  Write to the unknown reader who might need to read what I have to say.

4 thoughts on “blogger insecurity

  1. "If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?" – If you insight us, do we not blog? If you give us pause, do we not type? If you cross our path wearing a pink cowboy hat with an ostrich feather sticking out of snake skin band, do we not scribe some words about you? I would submit to you, yes. Blogging is a must in our world. How else will all the world know what I had for breakfast and if I was satisfied with the service at Village Inn? Is there anyone out there that doesn't want to know what I think about the little vests that the Rockies have chosen to wear in the World Series? Or whether we should find a way to use milk in our tanks instead of gasoline, it's cheaper? Or whether this album is truly the Eagles' best? I would submit to you, no. People have a need to know. National Enquirer be danged! I want to know! I HAVE to know. I have to know what my fellow human beings on the planet think, say and smell! I have to be able to see how my sister-in-law in Kentucky is dressing up my brother-in-law for Halloween! I have to know. And you. You have to know what I'm doing. We are a country of nosy, voyeurs. We have to look into people's lives! We must! We are not happy unless we are peering between drapes and seeing how the Jones are cutting their turkey. Or what is happening with Brad and Angelina or Brittney or Jennifer or Owen. In fact, I have to get back to my own blog and write about this… I blog, therefore, I am…

  2. Jeanie, I do stuff like that to my mom! A month ago I found a comic about a mom dying her hair and her daughter made fun of her for it. We still have it on the fridge! Somtimes it's the only way you will get any feed back! 

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