Stormie Solos on a Cake

stormies-cake-for-elise-1-08.JPG          stormies-cake-1-08.JPG 

Stormie created a 12" x 12" white and chocolate marble cake for her good friend, Elise, while I was in Maui.  In the pictures the blue looks turquoise, but the leftover icing in my kitchen was "dustier." My "baking center" is somewhat askew now, but I heard it was delicious and I know it was made with great love!

5 thoughts on “Stormie Solos on a Cake

  1. Yeah…I had no idea how much work went into the cake before the last icing…not sure I’ll ever do that again without momma!
    It was a fun experience though…and I love Leesy pie!:)

  2. That cake turned out so cool!  I got to sample some of the icing the night before the party, and it turned my mouth totally blue.  It was really good – I could go for some of that right now!

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