I am just back from Maui where I got to help my great friend, Carol Ann, cook for the cast and crew who were filming a reality-type series: Gospel Journey – Maui for Dare2Share ( under the leadership of Blake Pilgreen with Mediatech ( and with these great people (my Hawaiian-housemates, Rolly and Holly) from Outside the Box Ministries ( and a wonderful crew of cameramen and sound techs and grips and all those other film-types.

The cast was made up of six 18-22 year olds from different backgrounds, religious affiliations and streams of belief.   They lived together in a beach house just 50 yards from the ocean and got to experience all the cool stuff Maui has to offer while engaging in really great conversations with Greg Stier (President of Dare2Share, and Zane Black (an extreme snowboarder and instructor I fell head-over-heels for these kids.  They are such beautiful human beings.  I will always remember them and the short time we had together and how they let Carol Ann and I fuss over them and nurture them and feed them. 

You can see lots of pictures and read other accounts of the project, the trip, the filming and all sorts of other stuff by visiting Rob Kelly's, Carol Ann Kelly's, or Greg Stier's blogs: www.robkelly.typepad.com,

We figure we put together 3 meals a day for about 8 days for any number of people between 25 & 30 and that is a lot of meals.  We also found out that we could put over $1000 worth of groceries in just 2 Costco carts.  It was quite the adventure! 

The cast called us their personal chefs.  The crew called us caterers and said we were better than Hollywood's Kraft Services.  But we were really just a couple of moms cooking for the guys and the kids, just like we do for our families – only it was in paradise!!


The ocean, the sun, the swaying palm trees – wish you could've been there!…Jeanie

Pictured, left-to-right: Zane and Greg (the sort of leader/host/facilitators of the week for the cast),  Jasser, Carol Ann Kelly (my partner-in-crime), Priscilla, Rachel O., me, Jonathan, and Rachel M.  Emma is seated in front of us, the Pacific Ocean is behind us!  Carol Ann and me.

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  1. What an awsome chance of a life time.  To serve the Lord in such a beautiful part of His creation.   P.S. (While you were in paradise I was in the hospital.  Somehow that just doesn't seem fair )

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