Starry Starry Night

Found in my drafts from late last August…

My Heaven Fest Familia.

A month of Sundays

We met regularly leading up to “the party.”  The days were long and the sunsets were beautiful.  The room was filled with chatter and though the meetings were only scheduled to be 2 1/2 hours so people could get home for their work week, these amazing people hung out and often laughter and tears and prayer could be heard for hours on end…

The party.

Just past midnight, after the final song had been sung from main stage, we jumped in to the aftermath, together, like families do.  We’d hosted 33,000+ people and it had been lovely, really good.

The wrap-up love-fest

We met on the 88 acres Mark and Lanna have out where Colorado feels rural.  There was a 100-mile mountain view for our wrap-up look-what-God-has-done celebration meal.  It was a hot day, but  we sat under trees and in pop-ups and fellow-shipped around food, memories, a collective sigh of we-did-it.  There was a hum of goodwill, friendship, and family.  Kids ran happily across the acreage, streamers blew in the breeze, the energetic-competitives challenged each other to lawn games and the iced tea refreshed.

It was the wind-up.  It was the culmination of months of hard work that led to Heaven Fest 2011 then through 3 weeks of intensive wrap up.  All of our meetings through the months (beginning in April) had been dedicated, challenging work, yet we’d leave refreshed and ignited to fulfill God’s call, together.  A random group of people from a gazillion different churches all over the Front Range came together and became :: a family.

And I miss these people.  Yes, it has only been a few weeks since the celebration on a summer evening that turned into a warm, inviting night, where we laughed and cried and sang together and recounted the amazing thing we’d just done together.  Just a few weeks since we settled into lawn chairs to recount glory-stories and worship and sing and thank each other and just love.  Not even a month since we gathered around a bonfire to roast marshmallows and the sweet aroma of unity rose up to please our Father.  But I miss these people like crazy.

Update –

SAVE THE DATE:  Saturday July 28, 2012, another starry night.

More time with these…


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  1. What a COOL group of people. I was just saying last night that the meetings are my favorite part of HF – I just like hanging with the fam – can’t wait to do more!

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