Happy 30th Birthday, Stephanie Kelley

It was the morning after our next-to-final birth class.  I was so excited to watch birth movies and then got very lightheaded.  We’d gone to the Big Wheel with our friends the Loftis’ who were also expecting.  I ate my favorite, the thing I craved my whole pregnancy with you: Cream of Broccoli soup.

You were due, so said old Dr. Wachob, on the 30th of June.  A beautiful morning in May was a surprise for sure.

Around 6:30 or 7:00 am that Friday morning, I realized – oh my…we are early, but we are having a baby.  I had concern, but I also remember this heightened sense of crazy excitement.  It didn’t feel “wrong.”   I had a sense of peace I can’t explain.  It never occurred to me (whether I was blissfully ignorant or just plain stupid) to ever even think my baby, borne of lasting love, a child of promise and fulfillment, a baby God gave me  – well, I just didn’t worry.  I was ready.  You delightfully interrupted life.

I wrote this on your timeline this morning:

Good morning, Rainbow-bear. It was about this time(on a gorgeous May morning just like this) 30 years ago today, that I realized it was most definitely not false labor and that though your expected arrival was June 30, you were on you way. Deliriously giddy with excitement, off to the hospital we went. You were the tiniest thing I had ever seen when you arrived that afternoon. It was one of the most wonderful wonderful wonderful lilacs-in-full-bloom days of my life. And your birth was about to teach me things about God I’d never yet known. “For this child I prayed…”. It is a good day to remember. And to celebrate. I love you, Stephanie. Happy Birthday, child of promise. {mom}

All to say: your birth (and now your life) mean more than words can express, are hallmarks of my very existance and you have a mom who loves you deeply.  You have that!  :)

And though words cannot express, I have certainly given it a shot since I have had this blog going.  I am enjoying going back and reading the things I have said and hope you know that I have meant them all.  Every one.

In 2011, I tried to fit the you I see on a photograph.

 Scripture, song lyrics, color.  I tried to fit it on.  And I reflected on what God had in mind when He created you

God heals.  He is the Healer.  That is the blazing-across-the-sky message of your life, Steph.  And the adversary gets no points in the battle for our baby girl.  With God’s blessing-kiss on the love between your dad and me, with your big sister praying to have a little sister all her own – you were sent.  But you know the enemy, he always tries to stop a miracle at its birth.  You live in the ranks of Moses, Jesus, even, with spiritual war- decrees against their very lives: Stop the miracle before it can begin to change the course of everything…

But God, who is faithful, healed you wholly and fully….

So many times when you were a little girl, people would tell us they saw rainbows, color and deep things in you.  You can read the whole post here.  Good stuff!


I recalled the singing, the songs and melody that marked your growing-up-life.  There was always a song…

You started singing so early, I can hardly remember when or how.  You started singing as a baby and you sang your way right into the funny, delightful little girl you became.  You sang first thing in the morning and you sang while the rest of the household was going to sleep.  You sang silly and you sang well.

Steph even shares her glamour secrets on her blog.  www.maydae.com

And I apologized, in that blog entry, for ever telling you to quit singing to go to sleep.  I amen myself here.  CLICK HERE TO RE-READ MY MEA-CULPA.

In 2009, I reflected on the meaning of your name

Stephanie: A crown, or garland-festooning (see Proverbs 31).  And I made a list of 27 wishes for you on your 27th birthday {click here}  and I told you this:

I festoon you with my love.  I festoon you with my praises.  Twenty-seven years ago today, I got to touch a miracle – and you remind me of God’s faithfulness everyday of your love-filled life.


I exuded blessing on you.  SEE?  Click here.

Happy Birthday, sweet Stephanie, amazing mommy, faithful wife and thoughtful daughter.  Happy Birthday, gentle spirit, sometimes hidden, but always breaking through in brilliant rainbow-colored prisms of light.  Happy happy days to you, my second-born who came to us so fragile, but stands on her own two feet now as a woman of faith and strength and patience and contentment.  The favor force of God’s grace and healing power rest on you, Stephanie.

 The first time I got to blog-your-birthday, 2007

You turned 25 and I remembered how I came to know God in a way I never had – as a Healer, as the fulfiller of promise (O He is good!  READ IT HERE).  The scripture on your birth announcements is written on my heart to this day:

1 Samual 1.27 “For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him. “

He answered.  He is good.  I thank Him for my baby girl.

You can see, the camera has never once betrayed her trust.  Yes, she is one of those.  Made up or not, glamorous in every way. 

Happy Birthday, sweet-pea.  O how I love you, baby girl.  Truly.  Mom. :)

4 thoughts on “Happy 30th Birthday, Stephanie Kelley

  1. Thanks Mom! You are always good about writing these birthday posts, and I love to read them:) Thanks for the birthday wishes, and for watching our kids tonight. Love you!

  2. Happy 30th birthday to you, creative, sincere, beautiful Stephanie! You are going to love your 30’s in every way!! I love and admire you, girl.

  3. Happy birthday…again…Steph! :) I love these posts that mom does because it reminds me how incredibly awesome my siblings and parents are – sometimes I just get used to how cool you are and forget to think of all the special things. I pray that this year brings you love, laughter, and fun!

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