She is Here!

The day arrives.

Today.  is.  Tomato Day.  2010.

And you pick red tomatoes and pop cherries into your mouth.  You gather baby zucchini from the garden while crunching on crispy green beans.  You bring in fresh broccoli and snap peas and lettuce.  You pinch thyme and sage and basil.  You grill just to the point of carmelization and the sweetness of the garden lunch makes all the work heretofore quite worth it.

The reward of my labors?  Today I picked ripe tomatoes.  Can you comprehend the profundity of that?  Dare you?

Good, and I mean really good, times.

NOTE TO MY LONGSUFFERIG READERS:  Last year at just about the exact same time?  Read here!

4 thoughts on “She is Here!

  1. Yum! I didn’t do a garden this year so I’m missing out, but there is nothing like a home-grown tomato…especially with some bacon on buttered bread!

  2. Mine are still green balls, but I also planted Beefsteaks and Early girls. The biggest one is about the size of a baseball! My zucchini just started blooming.

  3. I’m all for tomato day, that is if it’s a national holiday and I get the day off! Oh yeah, also as long as I don’t have to eat one YUCK!

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