S H O E S ! Yes, I am in Love


So this is how I know God really wanted me to have these shoes.

I looked at them a week ago.  I loved them for two reasons.  One, they are Candies shoesCandies, people (think: Grease, Olivia Newton-John in the late 70s…Ok, get it?).  Two, they are retro platforms.  I may or may not have had the same shoes in patent leather black in 1976.  And in light, strappy tan in 1977.  Trés comfortable!  Trés bon!

But, they were $50 and a totally unsensible color called Tangerine.

Then this morning, while doing just a little bit of Heaven Fest work very early, I was listening to the standards (I love Frank of course, but adore Dean Martin, Rosemary Clooney, Jimmy Dorsey, etc), I heard the song, “Tangerine,” (YouTube above).  And I remember those shoes going right through my mind, yes they did.  At 6:42 am or so.

Shopping, minding my own business…

When I happened by the shoe department at Kohls several hours later:  there they were…in MY size…on SALE for $17.99.  This was a God moment.  I heard angel choirs break forth in song. 

I had the fleeting thought that I might be making a ridiculous mistake, but when I put them on…aaaahhhhhh….perfection.  Platforms are so surprisingly wonderful.  They look high, but your foot is almost totally level, so good, c’est magnifique!

This evening I am just walking about in them {traipsing around the backyard, running up and down the stairs, whatever} for no special reason, other than I just love looking at them.  They have ignited my very sole.  And, yes, I meant that play on words because I am goofy-in-love with my new shoes!  This does not happen often, but when it does…forever.


NOTE TO SELF:  Nail polish in the exact same shade…find and paint away!

7 thoughts on “S H O E S ! Yes, I am in Love

  1. SUPER cute!! They’ll go with your ring and your halter top, too! Is tangerine becoming the new Jeanie-green??

  2. I love your new shoes. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Jesus totally encouraged the purchase… I think someone once wrote a book about how Jesus can speak to us through our shoes….

  3. I think I like Tan-ger-jeanie or Tan-jeanie-rine… They both have a nice ring… Sorry I missed you guys at church yesterday. Wrex said his shirt matched your shoes… :)

  4. I LOVE mine too! I got even luckier at Kohl’s and only paid $9.99 for mine. I also luckily have a couple of outfits (I know, right??) that they go awesomely with, but always remember how nicely they’d jazz up jeans or an all-white outfit.

    I should stop buying shoes, or so everyone tells me, as I’m back to having more than 110 pair, but I just can’t ever help myself.

    I’m glad to know someone out there thinks as outrageously about shoes as I do. I LOOOOVE THEM!!!!!!!

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