Heaven Fest is…

an opportunity

To bring the Church (big “C”) together.  To make the Name of Jesus glorious through worship.  To get believers out of separate boxes and into the world to proclaim God’s faithfulness together.  To bless the City of Longmont and the City of Firestone and Weld County.  To work with all the jurisdictions cooperatively, bringing peace to the city.  Proverbs 11.11a, “When right-living people bless the city, it flourishes…”

a platform

For making people aware of child sex trafficking and how together we can put a stop to it (Heaven Fest is giving to end child sex slavery and exploitation this year www.love146.org).  For raising funds to help end homelessness in our region, for caring for the poor (working with the O.U.R. Cengter in Longmont, applauding their work to pave the road to self-sufficiency in the St. Vrain area www.ourcenter.org).  It is to make people aware of child soldiers (another ministry HF will be giving to www.projectak47.com) as young as 4 years old and how we can, together, lift the heavy oppression and ungodly abuse of them. 

a chance

To give.  To defend the helpless.  To see what we can do together.  To come together in prayer and unity for the glory of God.  And to sing and dance and smile and have a great time!

a venture in faith

Because this is bigger than any of us could ever do.  But God just sends people and resources and makes it happen.  The potential for great disaster lurks, but somehow, God…He makes it happen.  And we look back in awe and shake our heads and give Him the glory!  We don’t have the expertise, the resources or the finances to do this, but somehow…and the giving we want to do gets done.

Body life

Where have all these amazing people come from?  1800+ volunteers from churches all over the metro area.  New friends.  Just today I met a man who’d been part of the Denver gang scene for 17 years, living a bad life.  Last year at Heaven Fest, he made the change and got baptised at HF and is living for Jesus today!  Everytime we turn around God is sending amazing people our way and I just can’t get over the fact that my whole life I did not know how many consecrated, devoted followers of Jesus were outside my circle.  They are everywhere!  People LOVE Jesus!  It is so cool.  And?  They give-give-give of themselves so the work of the ministry makes an unbelievable impact!

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crowd from last year

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