Riddle {what do these things have in common???}

What do one set of parents in New York + one April snow day {springtime in the Rockies, after all} + 4 cousins + making homemade cake donuts with the grandpoppa + crazy games and silly dancing + army guys + writing novels and plays in the office + messing up the playroom + way too much clearance Easter candy + mac and cheese for lunch + every single kid having to have their very own bag of microwave popcorn so they can season it the way they want it for an afternoon snack + games on phones + computer games + watching “Kickin’ It” + hauling out the guns and playing army + playing Swat team + painting wih the new watercolors + a heated game of Monopoly + making fresh butter from cream shaken in a jar + spreading that butter on toast and crackers and Hunter and Gemma both falling to the floor, near death because it was sooooo good + hugs, lots and lots of hugs + kisses, gazillions of kisses + “my turn! my turn! – a lot! + lost shoes + pink cheeks + a lot of loud and general mayhem + grandbebes at my house?

{What do all these things have in common?}  Put them all together and what do they spell???

One happy Nonni who did not mind the snow in April at all!

Here is a 2 1/2 minute look at the day…with a little help from Todd Rundgren

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