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Yes.  There were balloons to celebrate Bailey Sophia.   Because they look cute in the hospital room and I knew her big sisters would wholly enjoy getting to play with them.

And of course there were tulips (coral-colored), because a bouquet of lovely spring flowers gladdens the mommy’s heart – after all her hard labor (so deserving).

But this time, I decided to make the new daddy a little something, too.  Cigars!  Yep, rolled ’em myself.

bailey sophia cigars candy

No, just kidding.  I saw the idea on Pinterest for Father’s Day and personalized them for Rocky to distribute to visitors at the hospital.

By the way – did I mention we just had our 8th *grandbebe* born on April 5?  Did I fail to tell you our exquisite and so-sweet little April-Angel is named **Bailey Sophia** and we are head-over-heels?  Well, in case I forgot to mention it, here she is.  This photo was when she was 10 hours old, fresh from her first bath.  Please note the sparkle of angel-dust as it gently falls all around her…

bailey sophia

Ok, I digress.

The cigars

So, where were we?  I got the idea off Pinterest {click here}.  and I personalized the free down-loadable cigar labels to fit our occasion.  Oh, but wait – the cigars are not actual cigars – did I say that already?  Ok – they are just those pretzel rods.  I cut about 1/3 of them off (my husband and dog ate the un-useable 1/3) and dipped the 2/3 length part into chocolate candy melts (melted, of course).  Cooled them, cut out the printed labels and used a tiny bit of tape on the back to hold them in place.

I was going to use an empty cigar box from Walgreens to place them in, but the smell of actual cigars would have infused the chocolate-covered pretzels.  No bueno.  So, I thought and I thought and I thought, and then by sheer accident, I happened across a little endcap display at Target with these plastic boxes for making “home made lunch-ables” and voila!  Perfect.

How fortuitous, don’t you agree, that I had already cut them the  exact-perfect length???  :)

Chocolate-covered Pretzel Cigars, enjoyed by young and old alike.


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